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Back Massage

The Brickhouse Day Spa massages are designed with the client in mind.  With the healing touch of our trained massage therapists, each massage uses a modality of techniques and rhythmic movement to heal and care for the body by inducing deep relaxation through organic aromatic massage oils.  Each massage assures overall wellness, tension release, and circulation enhancement.


Massage Retreat for Two

A thoughtfully-crafted 120-minute service for two includes a steam shower in our brand new steam room and a 75-minute side-by-side signature Swedish massage.  Start your experience with a complimentary body scrub handcrafted just for you in-house to enjoy during your 20-minute steam shower.  Next, unwind in our private treatment room and enjoy a charcuterie board and beverages for just the two of you before your relaxing 75-minute massages.  A great package deal for couples, mom and daughter, or sisters!

120-minute service


Our Signature Brickhouse Massage

Select the amount of time you want to relax and relieve stress and inflammation with our signature full-body Swedish massage which may include dry brushing and a relaxing hot towel -or- hot stones back service. Utilizing a medium to light pressure, this Swedish massage stimulates the whole body and reduces pain and joint stiffness. Service times are 45-, 60-, 75, 90, and 120-Minutes!

per service


Bathing Ritual and Signature Brickhouse Massage

Inspired by ancient bath rituals, this service will allow you to enter a state of relaxation in our brand new hydrotherapy tub. Featuring a custom blend of aromatic and healing salts, this ritual is designed to soak away stress and muscle soreness.  Step out of the tub and get ready to relax with our 60-minute Signature Brickhouse Massage.

90-minute service


Steam Shower and Signature Brickhouse Massage

Enjoy a 20-minute steam shower with a complimentary body scrub picked out just for you in-house to enjoy. Finish your service with our relaxing 60-minute Signature Brickhouse Massage.

90-minute service


75-Minute Deep Tissue Massage

This form of massage therapy focuses on a gentle, yet sustained, pressure to realign the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissues. It is a much more intense, firm pressure compared to the relaxing Swedish massage.

75-minute service


75-Minute Full Body Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage involves the use and placement of basalt River rock on different points of the body. The rocks are heated before use and the massage therapist can then apply deeper pressure to areas of concern without causing any discomfort.

75-minute service


30-Minute Express Massage

What’s bothering you? Let us help relieve the tension and stress in your problem areas with a quick express massage using a variation of techniques to ensure you leave better than you came!

30-minute service


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